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The R.O.T.C.C.

Reach Out and Touch Christian Church started with a vision from our Pastor Dave H. Williams, IV. Many of you know that our Pastor was on what we know as the Island of Patmos. It was on that Island where Pastor Williams begin to hear from the Lord. In 1998 Pastor Williams heard the Lord say Reach Out and Touch, based on the scripture in Luke 14:16-23. Prior to hearing the voice of the Lord concerning this ministry, God had already used Pastor Williams to start The Light On The Hill Ministry where incarcerated men and free world people lives have been changed through the proclamation of the gospel. Pastor Williams didn't understand exactly what the Lord was saying concerning ROTCC, but he knew it had to be something special. Pastor Williams continued to walk upright before the Lord pondering on the vision. It was eleven years later that the Lord began to remind our Pastor what He (God) had said from the beginning. By faith Pastor Williams and his family stepped out on faith concerning something they could not see, but acted on what they was told. On October 4, 2009 the first worship service of Reach Out and Touch Christian Church took place in the beautiful Chapel of Gunn's Funeral Home. Truly that first service was one to remember. ROTCC continued worshiping at Gunn’s Funeral Home for the next four years. In that time span ROTCC has partnered with: Here's Life Inner City Ministry/CRU where we help feed the hungry, clothe the naked , and give freedom through the gospel; Ron's Bicycle Ministry where we pass out bicycles twice a year; Toys for Tots sponsored by our Marine Corps where we put a smile on the faces of our children who perhaps wouldn't have a Christmas. Our other ministries are prison and jail ministry, our HOOD ministry, our Monday night power prayer, and challenging bible study. During this time ROTCC purchased property at 49th and Mabelvale Pike. This location is now the expected home of our new facility. On January 5, 2014 ROTCC relocated to the Banquet Hall of Kitchen Express where we are presently worshiping. ROTCC has continued to serve the community at large. This could not have been done without the aid of the Holy Spirit, and a wonderful body of believers. This ministry is continually growing with those who desire to be empowered through the word of God. The mission statement of this house continues to stand out front. We seek to reach people right where they are, and offer them Christ. That their lives would be transformed by the power of God's word: That they might go forth, and take their rightful place in God's earth. We believe when the people are feed properly they will grow properly that they may go about doing the great commission of the church which is compelling people to come, that God's house might be filled.

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